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Mods to make San Andreas feel like the Philippines

  • Hello, GTA5-Mods.com, I'm a Filipino and I'd like to have mods that make GTA V feel like the Philippines. Here's a list of mods that can do that. If anybody could make one or more of these mods for me for free, I'd be really happy.

    • Mod that replaces NPCs like cops, soldiers, security guards, etc. with their Filipino counterparts. You can Google "Philippine National Police", "Philippine Army", "Filipino security guards", etc. to see how their outfits look like.

    • Philippine vehicles like tricycles (three-wheeled bikes used as passenger vehicles), jeepneys (passenger jeeps), Philippine police pickups, etc.. There's already a Philippine ambulance mod, now I'm looking for mods that add other Philippine vehicles like those I've mentioned above.

    • Philippine weapons like balisongs (butterfly knives), bolos (southeast Asian machetes), pump-action shotguns manufactured by Armscor (the Armscor M30 M5, look it up on Google), etc.

    • Mods that replace the textures of buildings, posters, and other things in the game's map with their Filipino counterparts. For example you can turn fast-food restaurants into Jolibee (one of the most popular and iconic in the country), banks into Philippine National Bank, police stations into PNP outposts, etc..

    Once again thanks if anybody can turn one of these mods into a reality for free! I'd be really happy!

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