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Error: The procedure entry point steamapps could not be located in the dynamic link library: (game directory)

  • So, for starters, I have a pirated version of GTA 5 for pc. (I've bought it twice for 360 and once for Xbox One) its version 877. its been working just fine until somehow a second antivirus program was downloaded to my computer. i deleted the app and didn't realize it deleted my steam_api64.dll from my GTA 5 directory, so i got the dll file back from the internet, but now i get this error. ive put alot of work into getting my mods how i liked em and just fucking finished tweaking everything to perfection and id like to not have to restart all over. any suggestions?
    it seems all dll files are where they should be including Steam_api_ext64.dll.
    alt text


    @sdtyson the problem is in the first line of your post

  • @sdtyson Yeah simple, buy it a third time for the PC and stop using the pirate version. That way we can actually help you as we don't discuss piracy here cause it's against the rules.

  • :O OMG, thanks guys it worked! :D

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