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Liveries are tuning options/stickers? FiveM

  • Hi!

    I want to create extra tuning file for some great car add ons, where instead of standard and random spawn livery option, would be livery fixed to the car as a tuning option (example of this could be stickers for Sultan RS)

    This idea gave me amazing model of Kia Stinger GT below:


    Please, tell me, if there is any tutorial how to do this for cars in general, since every car has it's files locked. I would like to implement this feature on my RP racing FiveM server. Unfortunately, I am not able to save standard liveries as they are in the main YTD files.

    Or maybe, please, send me some unlocked version of this example, where I can easily can embedded texture? I don't see any violations, as I want to just edit function of already featured liveries to cars me and my friends love :smile:

    0_1530372538625_tuning sticker.png

    Thank you!

  • if car have _mods.rpf file I saw it most time there, so yes it was as tuning parts...but I dont know how it is on cars using 0_default_mods option...just created question topic about that today, becauase have problem with respray at cars using 0_default_mods with liveries

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