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Annoying mod sound car

  • This annoying sound occurs after I install "mod aventador sound" which the file overwrites on elegy2 sound. And I installed it on mod aventador car, but this also happened to some other vehicle mod. I tried fixing it by replacing "<audioNameHash>" with another car sound, restoring original elegy2 sound with backup, reinstalling mod aventador car, but the annoying sound still appears. Can anyone help fix it?

    Here's the video

  • Have you got the wiper mod installed?

  • @krissboo Yes, i installed windscreen wipers

  • @irfanaan Ok, that might well be your problem. Can you remove that mod and let me know if the sound has gone.

  • @krissboo Ahh many thanks for ur help, it's work, the annoying sound has gone :)

  • @irfanaan Hey it's cool dude, I had the same problem a while back. Looks like @ikt knows about it but it's a bug with the game. Might be worth looking at the comments on his mod page as there might be someone there with a fix - but at least your game sounds ok now :).

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