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[SCRIPT] Uber Driver or Uber Eats Driver

  • There are a couple mods like this that drive you, but how about you be the driver, you can choose any vehicle (with 4 seats) and you would press a button and it would give you a waypoint to pick up person/people (1-3 people), and have various scenarios (maybe like a drunk or something) and then a waypoint is set after you pick them up to a location where they will be dropped off and you get a payout for each transportation

    Also maybe something else, an Uber Eats one
    Where a waypoint is set to Cluckin Bell, burger shot, any of the other restaurants and you get a specific order
    Let's say (a Heart Stopper and a Bleeder Meal) you walk into a yellow marker outside the building and press a button and a menu pops up, you grab what they ordered by selecting what they ordered and you would take it to them for a payout

    [Burger Shot] (Actual Menu from GTA IV)
    Heart Stopper
    Money Shot Meal
    Torpedo Meal
    Bleeder Meal

    [Cluckin Bell] (Actual Menu from GTA IV)
    Farmer's Surprise
    V. Eggy
    Balls & Rings
    Cluckin' Huge
    Wing Piece
    Little Clucker
    Little Peckers

    I hope I detailed that well enough, the scenarios aren't necessary though, just a bit of an idea

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