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Emergency Vehicle Modeler Needed (HQ Non-ELS)

  • Hello. I am looking for someone (as the title mentions) who is capable of making high-quality custom emergency vehicles (All Emergency types, Non-ELS). I have been looking through LSPDFR to the big names like Bxbuggs123 and others who clearly don't wish to participate in this. My goal is to have all of the SA State have different departments all with their own special features, equipment, light patterns, extras, etc..., If you are or know someone that can help that would mean the world to me! . Please know that this would be for an up-and-coming server that is currently only being worked on by myself and 2 other people. If you have any questions and/or are interested in helping me. Please friend request me on discord and message me ur discord below so I know to accept that request. If you have ANY questions or ideas of your own for implementations to vehicles we can talk about features for the department packs. You would be, for as long as you wish to stay, a developer for this server and if you have previous work I would love to see it.

    Thanks for your help!

    Dylan0908#1415 (discord)

    Dylan A.


    good luck getting different light patterns without els

  • @Reacon not wanting to change the light patterns on a car im wanting different light patterns per department... its doable... but finding someone who knows how is less likely than winning the lottery it seems

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