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Trying to add More than one Livery

  • Been having problems trying to add more than one livery to a vehicle.
    done some research and turns out i have to mod the ytd file of the car, import/export the livery i want, rename the sigh_name_number file and save it.

    Although for planes or other vehicles their is also a +hi file.

    If i am looking to add more than one livery to a vehicle, do i have to have the +hi file as well in order for the liverys to show since some require that file as well to be moded?

    Example: i am adding a livery to the buffalo2 but only the YTD file is there, no +hi to edit although some other cars have it but not the buffalos.

    Also i heard of the YTD file for liverys being locked in openIV to only being able to use just 1 livery. unsure about this if anyone could shed some light?
    Also was stated you may have to enable liverys on a vehicle but altering the vehicles.meta file although unsure how exactly, i see you have to add FLAG_HAS_LIVERY under the FLAg portion of buffalo2 but still unsure of how i actually add it.
    UPDATE: figured out how to alter it and replace but now the game crashes when it's altered... can anyone show me where exactly to put the FLAG_HAS_LIVERY?

    Could anyone please help in this situation?
    EDIT: Figured it out. went into vehicle.meta and added FLAG_HAS_LIVERY in the CORRECT spot with in "flags".

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