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Plane Window Lights


    This is gonna sound like a nooby question...

    Is there anyway to decrease the brightness of the plane's window lights (for example, Skyline's 777) without editing visualsettings.dat and therefore making the police car etc's lights dim as hell?


    I feel like you might know @a63nt-5m1th. Any ideas?


  • @Reacon
    Like this? :slight_smile:


    Original Brightness


    Less Bright

    I did this by editing the textures in the '.ytd' directly. Obviously this approach only works if you can access the textures & ideally they are not shared with other vehicles/used elsewhere in the game. Apart from that it's a pretty good solution. I haven't found a way of doing it by just using data files (carcols etc).

    The basic '.dds' process is:

    • Open the '.ytd' in OpenIV

    • Export ('Export Selected' (Bottom left)) 'jet_windowsjet_windows_a' & 'jet_windows_a' ('Save as type: DDS File (*.dds)')

    • Open them with Photoshop (or some other picture editing software that can (ideally) handle .dds. (.png will work too if not. See 'Note 2:' below))

    • For Photoshop you want something like 'Intel® Texture Works Plugin for Photoshop' installed to be able to import/export '.dds' textures correctly

    • Reduce the 'Levels' of the images down to ~3>5% of their original (that's what I did in the comparison above but you'll have to experiment to get this just right for the visuals of your game).
      Note: If the software you are using doesn't have a 'Levels' setting then simply reducing the brightness/playing with contrast/darkening the image somehow etc will have a very similar effect.

    • In Photoshop it is:

      • 'Image' Tab > 'Adjustments' > 'Levels'
      • or 'Ctrl+L' is the shortcut

    You then move the brighter arrow (right one) in the 'Output Levels' section left (or type in the bottom right number box (0>100)) to reduce the overall levels & make the image darker.

    • Save the textures (if saving as '.dds' make sure 'Intel® Texture Works (.DDS....' is selected in Photoshop's 'Save'/'Save as...' dialogue).

    After that, save the '.dds' textures in the Intel® Texture Works save dialogue as:

      • Texture Type: 'Color + Alpha'
      • Compression: 'BC3 8bpp (Linear)' (also known as 'DXT5')
      • Mip Maps: 'Auto Generate'

    Once you have successfully saved/exported the '.dds', go to the OpenIV Texture editor & 'Replace' (Top Right) the original textures & 'Save' (Bottom Right) the '.ytd'.
    Check it out in-game :thumbsup:

    Note 2:
    Working with .dds textures is something that pops up in modding games a LOT so it is good to give yourself a working setup for it (if you don't already have one/Photoshop etc) but OpenIV can also export to '.png' by changing the 'Save as type' drop down after selecting 'Export Selected'. You'll find plenty of software that can open & edit a '.png' so it may be a good way to go if you have trouble with '.dds'/don't have Photoshop etc. :thumbsup:


    @a63nt-5m1th I actually read about changing the brightness of the windows but didn’t know if it worked or not! Thanks for the help :)

  • @Reacon
    Nice one. No probs :thumbsup:


    @a63nt-5m1th it worked man, thanks!
    alt text

  • @Reacon
    :thumbsup: Sweet! :slight_smile:


    @a63nt-5m1th btw, what do you think of that Norwegian livery? Made it last night but not sure if I’ll release it

  • @Reacon
    Looks good enough, I can't see anything wrong with it (I've seen a lot, LOT worse than that released in some mods :slight_smile:). If you make 4K/2K/1K versions I can't see anyone complaining :thumbsup:


    @a63nt-5m1th would do that if i knew how to lmao

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