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All Lights fade into Screen at night altough there are obstacles/mountains

  • Hey everyone,

    I am using the CrystalReality/ENBseries and ReShade Mod for my GTA V. It looks pretty nice, but I have a specific problem:

    At night, in the evening and early morning, the traffic lights and all the other lights ingame fade into my players screen. Even if there are obstacles or mountains between the original light source and me. so that means, when I'm driving a car at night and drive in city direction, i can't so shit, because every single light in the city fades into the players view. Same thing in less populated areas, but, of course, with less lights.

    Does anybody know, where that bug comes from? Is there any way to fix that?
    I know reinstalling the whole Mod could be the solution, but guys, my mods-folder is about 100 GB of size. I really do not want to do that whole modding one more time ... That's why I'm asking for another possible answer to my problem.

    Thanks in advance,


  • @Krischan483 Try uninstall the enb first,it's always the problem,then the reshade.

  • so how do i uninstall it? Just delete the files out of the folder?

  • @Krischan483 Yep,just remove the files of the ENB

  • and then just copy new file into the directory?

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