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Illuminating Omnilight Prop Tags

  • Found some props a while ago that were pure light, unattached to a physical prop - just the light itself - but I forgot to back my favorite props list up and lost them.
    They were perfect for omitting light from whatever, like cell phones or lamps that don't light up.
    The light would even show in the R* Editor.
    Please help.

  • Illuminating** Omnilite

  • @House-Rushton said in Eliminating Omnilight Prop Tags:

    Illuminating** Omnilite

    Is that the name of them? Did you find them?
    I would be very interested in knowing where you got them & exactly what they are called? :thumbsup: :slight_smile:

    Edit: Ah, I think I see what you've done, Title edit? If you edit your original post you can change the title directly :thumbsup:

  • @House-Rushton

    Also, I'm interested to know if those lights generate shadows or have Ambient Occlusion under them?

    There are areas in the game (some underpasses, Zancudo Tunnel, Outside LS Customs) that have no AO showing that I am trying to get rid of/fix/hide with other lighting as it makes the game look :poop: .

  • @a63nt-5m1th thanks for teaching me how to edit titles - appreciate it.
    I had a couple members of the community and Machinima directors remind me of what the props are ...

    Just search:

    and there's a few near the bottom of the list. I don't think they cast shadows though. What I've been doing is using a car with a single player ped M/T/F and then turning the opacity way down then turning on the headlights. Those lights cast shadows.

  • @House-Rushton
    Cheers :thumbsup: I'll have a look at them.

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