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a few questions regarding GTA V

  • Hi there everyone, hope you all are having a good day, anyway i have a couple of questions
    first one is is there a mod that spawns add-on car mods in the game parked and in traffic, like cars in the vanilla game?
    second question is could a modder create the engine sounds from F1 2017, for use for the F1 cars, as i posted the question in the request section 10 days ago and have had no reply but 27 views.
    third question is i have 2 grand theft auto v folders in my steam library, as i have the legit steam version, one game folder has no mods or anything, just the base game, and another has mods in the game, are the save games shared between the 2 folders, as i just change the name of the folder of the one i want to play to just Grand Theft Auto V, and change the other one to e.g Grand Theft Auto V - Mods, for example.
    apologies for long post, just would like to have some questions answered.
    Thanks :)
    i'll check back sometime to see if any forum members have replied to my post
    Cheers :)

  • @OneLegendaryGamer answer to 1: yes, lively world and you can add in add-on cars

    Idk about 2

    3: yes your saves will jump from both folders no matter what you load up


    this wasn't a long post

  • @Reacon how do add-in add-on to spawn in traffic and parked?

  • @OneLegendaryGamer one of the files that comes with lively world( can’t remember what exactly) has a list of loads of vehicles then there’s an add on section with some examples in, just rename one of them to your car

  • @ReNNie thanks i thought it was too long lol. do you know if it's possible to add F1 car sounds from F1 2017 or could you pass the question to modders plz?


    @OneLegendaryGamer said in a few questions regarding GTA V:

    @Reacon how do add-in add-on to spawn in traffic and parked?

    either use the traffic injector part of LW or manually add the add-on car names in an undecrypted popgroups.ymt. You can find one here

    and no F1 2017 sounds have to be extracted from that game, match the same lenght of a V soundbank and then it might, just might work. You won't see a mod like that soon me thinks

  • @ReNNie well could someone who owns F1 2017 for PC, extract the F1 2017 car sounds as a mod, even if someone trys and it's not 100% perfect, at least someone tried.
    thanks :)

  • can i replace the Turismo R with Vans123's Ferrari LaFerrari?
    this one - https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2015-ferrari-laferrari-hq-autospoiler

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