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Trouble installing a mod

  • I have recently decided to start installing mods, mainly replaces, and a few add ons. At first, i´ve installed a taxi replaced, which worked fine, but im having some trouble on my first add on.
    I´ve installed it (https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/portuguese-anpc-mitsubishi-l200-triton-addon-livery) and followed the dev site intructions for this specific download (https://pcgamesmods.pt/mods/anpc-hujtlcst.php#install_en) but after that, i wan´t able to spawn the car in-game.
    Everything i did was to create a folder inside dlcpacks, put the file there and changed lines of code in DLCLIST.XML and EXTRATITLEUPDATE.META, according to the intructions website.
    After that i tried to find the veichle spawn code on my trainer, (ragehook) but that doesn´t even show up on that trainer. So i wondered if i forgot something or if i was using the wrong trainer. Could someone help me?
    Thanks :)


    @Jolycas make sure you’re using the vehicle model name to spawn it, also what do you mean ragehook trainer? What’s that?

  • The veichle model name i was looking for was also according to the dev website, and i´v also searched on every veichle model name to spawn in-game to see if i could have written it wrong, but i ended up finding nothing.
    By ragehook trainer i meant the console i can get if i open the game through rageplugin.

  • Update:
    I´ve tried two more cars from the same dev, and their download and in-game spawn worked. I think there might be something not working on that specific download.
    Thanks anyways!

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