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How can I creat emissive ped plz help-Zmodelee-

  • Hi im looking for all the help in the world youtube google, text modders on facebook, no on can tell me,..... Im getting good, i can make shiny parts on a ped. But no emissive ' plz somone help me, iv spent more than 70 h trying to find it

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    This post is deleted!

  • @lld123 i will try the site is not in english, :(

  • @lld123

    IM regisered to your site now. But its impossible to find you... Man i woukd be so happy if you help me

  • @Necroxide In Zmodeler3 just paint the vertex color RGB primary in the desired model zone (needs to be splitted if is a zone inside the main model) with pink color and using ped_emissive material to enable in game alt text

    if you don't know how to paint vertex colors, look this video and paint Pink instead Orange

  • @MetaGTA
    Thank you very very much, now it glows in game! Damn is was just pink insted of orange ---_-... Could need an other small tip tho

    It works when i put the emissive part in Detail 2 so I did an head_000_a_whi and head_000_b_whi so now its an option on the head in game... I know i do somthing wrong ahha cuz if i dont change in game to head skin 2 , it glows all over the place.

    But i know people use other body parts to put in the emissive assets like hand_000_a_whi
    But i dont know how to do that!

    Maybe i just miss a simple thing cuz my mind is hurting ahah
    Can you help?

  • @Necroxide hi, how about i want to make normal material. (Not shine). Because i am following some tutorial. Paint vertex using black colour and my ped is shiny. Like a plastic. How to fix that.

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