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Assistance with overriding vehicle controls

  • Greetings, I've been trying to override vehicle controls for quite some time now, and I'm faced with a mind boggling situation. So, so far I've watched the decompiled scripts and how it generally goes is there's a general control for x or x' together, you disable that, and check if x or x' are pressed individually and act upon it. However, I can't find a similar combining control for vehicle throttle, it's either ControlVehicleAcceleration or ControlVehicleBrake. If I disable those, I won't be able to use them in _SET_CONTROL_NORMAL anymore. I've tried disabling on input group 0 and mimicing controller group 2 but seems like it doesn't work. (I don't have a controller)

    Also, I have a strong reason not to go for other keys and avoid disabling the default ones, I need to stick to the actual control instead of its mapped key. I even thought about disabling the control and listening for W and S separately but again I can't use _SET_CONTROL_NORMAL, even though I didn't think DISABLE_CONTROL_ACTION would affect script commands also.

    1. Is there some sort of functions to temporally unbind these controls and bind them back when I finish my input simulation?
    2. Is there a way to force input some controls even if they're disabled, like _SET_DISABLED_CONTROL_VALUE or something similar?

  • Sorry for the inconvenience of double posting... The topic went to 2nd page hell :(


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