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GTA V Gangs

  • hey,

    ive been having a frustrating problem for months and have looked everywhere for a solution/help but have been unable to find anything. Im trying to make the gangs more realistic by having them spawn in areas outside of their default spawns. I also edited the relationships and loadouts so they engage each other on sight. In their turfs for eg grapestreet they will actively shoot their rivals which is what i want but when outside of their area they only fist fight each other and i want them to have a random chance at least to use a firearm and shoot their rivals instead of just brawling all the time. When i edited the loadouts.meta i find that LOADOUTS_FAMILY only applies when in grovestreet/chamberlain and that LOADOUT_DEFAULT gives all npc's a weapon and i dont want that. Is there a file that shows you what npc's fall into a LOADOUTS_ group or is there a way i can add a new loadouts group like for example LOADOUTS_DAVIS_GANG or something? They all seem to have at least a pistol outside of their spawn though because when they are on the floor dying they are holding a pistol which makes no sense why they use it.. I did notice though that if the gangs are fist fighting out of spawn and a vehicle with a gang member is in it then the driver seems to have a weapon usually and he/she does shoot but its rare and if it does happen the rival does not shoot back they just flee or get shot. Ive tried the open carry mod and the strapped peds mod but they dont work the way i would like them to work.

    Is there anything i can do to achieve how i would like to see the gangs engage? Also could this be achieved by a script?


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