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Game crashes at loading even it worked before

  • I've clean installed RDE (used another gameconfig) and VisualV on last game version. It worked, game loaded and I could play.
    However, after quitting game and starting it again, the game crashed at loading. Even after PC restart.
    I could do a new clean install and it would work again. But only for 1 start.

    Suggestions anyone?

    P.S. I use Mod Manager. This happened to me the very first time.

  • @Tukkan
    I've never heard of a one start issue like this with GTA V.
    At a guess I would say it's Mod Manager (the one by Bilago yeah?). If so, it hasn't been updated in over a year so I doubt it's fully fuctional with the newest version of the game. Reinstall the game & forget about Mod Manager until it is updated :thumbsup:

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