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Made an addon out of a replace but it didnt work properly

  • Hey guys,

    as mentioned in the title, i wanted to make an addon out of a replace mod. The problem that ive got is that, all car functions like lights etc just disappear. Its just the model i'm able to spawn, and i think that the reason is, that the base model of the car is locked by the author and I therefore unfortunately can not change the name in the model with zModeler3.

    Does anyone have an idea what i am doing wrong, or what i have to do to fix it?

    Thank you


    @EvilCookie idk but I think as long as vehicles.meta has the same name as the model it should be fine


    This is not related to the model file itself being locked or unlocked

    You probably made an error editing the meta information in vehicles.meta or carvariations.meta

    Which vehicle were you trying to transform from replace into add-on? I always take the vanilla lines for the model (eg 'sultan') and rename modelname to errrr civic98 as an example. In both said meta files.

    Do not rename the modelname in LAYOUT_ and following sections. And don't forget to re-enter sound name

  • First thank you for the fast replies.

    I figured it out. It is the mod that does not work properly by itself.

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