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Invalid model ( a true nightmare ) pls help :D

  • So as the title might suggest I am having a huge problem with a certain add on car which always gives me the most annoying thing I ever saw "Invalid model" when trying to spawn with Simple Trainer.

    • I do not have any other addon cars and the mod I am trying to play with is the only one.
    • I have edited the dlclist and extratitleupdate as the read me file tells me to and replaced them.
    • Other Addon cars worked and even this mod used to work but saddly I can't remember what I changed to make it work in the past, I think it had something to do with the vehicle.meta file or carcols.meta.

    If anyone else had a problem with this mod please let me know if you found any solution. :(

    The mod I am trying to install is this one : https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/bugatti-veyron-sang-noir-add-on-autovista

  • @epicsrftw
    Make sure your 'dlclist.xml' is written in this format:


    ie. with the '<item>dlcpacks:\veyronsangnoir</item>' line somewhere above the '</Paths>' & '</SMandatoryPacksData>' lines.
    I installed it & had no problems. The car spawned by name 'veyronsangnoir' without issue. All I did was place veyronsangnoir 'dlc.rpf' here:


    & add the '<item>dlcpacks:\veyronsangnoir</item>' line (as above^) into 'dlclist.xml' here:


    I didn't edit/alter any other files.

    Note: The extratitleupdate info is not needed for the car to function in-game. If you re-download & reinstall the veyronsangnoir dlc (without editing any files in it) you can skip the extratitleupdate part of the instructions & remove it as a variable. Just add the veyronsangnoir dlc folder into your 'dlcpacks' folder & add the veyronsangnoir line to dlclist.xml in 'update.rpf & then test spawning it ingame.
    Add the extratitleupdate info after you confirm the car is working if you like but I have never once installed extratitleupdate info, never once needed it & never once had a problem because of it. :thumbsup:

    You have a working 'mods' folder yeah? With OpenIV.ASI installed? Other 'mods' folder mods are working? Just need to confirm it is functional & that the game is seeing any dlc vehicles installed there. :thumbsup:

    OpenIV > 'Tools' Tab > ASI Manager > Make sure any asi you are using there is green & says 'installed' :thumbsup: Confirm that another 'mods' folder mod is working etc

    You don't have any other dlc add-on vehicles installed but do you have other dlc add-on mods? LA Roads, betavegprops etc? How many dlc's in total have you added do you reckon? You can hit the dlc limit with any add-on mod so just want to confirm it's not that. A modded gameconfig may help if that is the case.

    Run through that^, see if anything pops out at you & we'll take it from there :thumbsup:


    Invalid model means somethings up with the vehicles.meta. Check for any errors using notepad++ with the index error finder plugin

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