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Can't Access GTA Online

  • I downloaded a couple of mods (a tsunami and a pedmodel one) and played around with them in single player bit, but got bored and wanted to play online. So what I first did was replacing the modded files with the original files that I backed up, didn't work. Then I verified integrity of the game files through steam, didn't work. I then uninstalled and reinstalled, didn't work. Every time I try to play online I get a message saying "You are trying to enter GTA online with modified data files" or something along those lines. I want to know how to fix this, I thought I tried everything but maybe someone can help. Thanks

  • @YeetYeet1327 Verify you game, it will detect the remaining modified files and have you redownload the original.


    @YeetYeet1327 keep a vanilla folder of your gta so you can just swap between that and the modded folder

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