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How to debug a mod?

  • So just installed GTA V and installed a few mods, now when I go to start the game, first thing is my screen is completely blurry, which I think is ProjectRELOAD (followed his instructions of changing .cfg depth to 0 but did not work)
    so I start the game, I get to the bit were you choose story mode, and I click that and about 10 seconds later I get GTAV.exe has stopped working, no idea which mod is the culprit, I have also had a look at all the logs that may be on the home directory, quite new to modding so unsure if that is right.
    So any help would be appreciated.
    My mods installed are.
    Super Yacht
    fast & furious loading screens
    LUA plugin for ScriptHookV
    Map editor
    Marlowe Valley
    radar satelite view
    satelite map
    Realism dispatch enhanced

  • @CrimsonHazeTV I'd recommend checking the download page of all of the mods that you've installed and see if people are mentioning crashes caused by the mod, if people are mentioning crashes, I recommend removing the mod. That would probably be the first thing you could do when it comes to finding out what is causing the crashes.
    Another thing that you could try is with Realism Dispatch Enhanced, make sure that you downloaded the new files that Dilapidated posted in the pinned comment on the download page.
    Other than that, I'm not really sure what else could be wrong. If there's nothing about crashes on the download pages and the thing RDE doesn't fix it either, you probably could remove the mods folder feature of OpenIV (if you used it, I really hope you did :P) and install all of the mods one by one to see which of them was causing the crashing

  • @Carrythxd Yes I use the mods folder, yes I downloaded his finance and felony patch haha, yes what you said about trying each mod, uninstalled a couple I thought might be the cause, (Marlowe Valley, Car Pack and ProjectRELOAD) but it wasnt any of them, think I will do what you said and install one at a time :)

  • @CrimsonHazeTV Alright, just making sure you had downloaded the RDE patch and used the mods folder :P
    But yeah, I think that the easiest way right now is just to reinstall the mods one by one like you were going to do, it's gonna take a while but atleast then you'll know what is causing the crashes! Also, if you could/want, if you find out what mod is causing the issue, you could post about the crashing issue on the download page comment section and also mention it here, so in case somebody else in the future is having crashing issues, they can come to this topic or the download page and see that it might be that mod causing the crashing :)

  • @Carrythxd I will do that then :) when I figure which mod will post here and also on the mod page :)

  • Can I bother you again? Using Mod Manager now and watched a video and they said you have to make a directory tree. e.g.
    if you have a script you want to install, tell mod manager where the script is and it has to be in a script folder, now my question, even though you probably didnt understand that, hell not even I understand what I just said haha

    My question: I have a loading screen I want to install, and it installs like this.

    To try and make myself make sense, do I create a folder layout like it asks for and put the files in there? TBH mod manager is confusing the hell out me

  • This is just pissing me off now, so that was all wrong what I just said, have you any idea where I can download a premade GTA mod directory with mods installed? to pissed off to try again at this point!

  • Maybe put the latest update.rpf into mods folder and install mods again?

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