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Cannot Find Game Breaking Mod

  • I installed some kind of vegetation and props mod, and since then, i haven't been able to play GTA V. I used Open IV to install it, and i cannot find out where it is, to uninstall it. I reinstalled the game recently, to see if it would work, but that didn't fix it. I verified the game files through Steam, and that didn't do anything. I went into Open IV and disabled everything under ASI Manager, and i could actually launch the game, but the trainers i have were disabled. I don't know what to do, because I cannot remember what mod it is that's causing it, but i am unable to play it currently. If anybody knows how to find these files, or how to get rid of everything I've added, that would be nice.


    the mod was probably installed in the mods\update.rpf?
    when you re-install the game it doesn't refresh that file
    so copy the vanilla from update folder into the mods folder
    you will then loose all other previously installed mods
    but can start over fresh

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