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Game out of Memory

  • Hi Folks,

    I have installed a fair few mods, individually. The game looks beautiful, but randomly dies with a "Game out of Memory" error. I have the latest gameconfig I could find, it has a fair few changes from the original when diff'ed.

    Is there any specific key/values I should increment or should I just go through them all and increment them all?

    Also, is there any known maximum? (i.e. why not just set them ridiculously high).


    i7-6850K @ 4.1Ghz
    32GB DDR4 RAM
    GEFORCE GTX 1080

    In case relevant, the mods - I'm actually looking to continue to replace traffic hence me asking as I assume the problem will only get worse. Will probably OC the 1080 soon as I'm down to ~40fps.

    • LA Roads
    • LA Vegetation
    • Visual V
    • GTA Remastered
    • 2k Water
    • Re-Shade & ENB - My own settings.
    • 10 Add-On Car Mods
    • 2 Replace Car Mods
    • ScriptHook + DotNet equivalent
    • Simple Trainer
    • Add-On traffic spawn mod.

  • Try this config, I heard it worked for some people.


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