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Replacement mods after update help

  • Hello everyone,

    I just started modding GTA 5 without updating the game first. I only replaced vehicles (.ytd and .yft) (around 80), many with updated handling/vehicles meta and some carvariations. Some of them have been updated in the dlc packs (with the separate meta there).
    The last update was over a year ago. I am using a mods folder.
    I have backed up the entire mods folder, original vehicle files, as well as the new replacement files.

    My question is if I update, will it replace the vehicle files, and the meta files I have modified? Having the replacement files backed up I could just copy them again after the update, but what about the changed info in the meta files, would I have to manually replace them to?

    Doing this for 80 vehicles would be very tedious, is there a workaround?
    If I were to add the old meta files after the update it might not work since the new vehicles added would not have any meta info present?
    Could I just add the old files to the new mods folder, but what are they, what do I keep?

  • I think It can be done by replacing the meta files and the model files.
    Haven't done that, decided to replace fewer vehicles due to performance issues.

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