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Decompiled .ymt files, specifically pedpersonality.ymt

  • I know about MetaTool, and DLC Box, but neither can decompile pedpersonality.ymt yet. I haven't been able to find anything, but has anyone successfully decompiled this file yet? I know you can get the file from the console version which is a .meta file, edit it and rename it to .ymt - but I'm worried that there might be differences in the old gen version of the file and the PC version, and that it's not compatible.

    I think there are a couple of mods that use it, are they using the console version without any issues, or have these people successfully decompiled the file?

  • I will answer in detail later. But the conclusion is unfortunately that currently no working editable version of the file exists.

  • Alright, looking forward to it. I don't have it anymore, but doesn't World of Variety use an edited pedpersonality.ymt? If so, is it a functional console version of the file?

    I have some more questions revolving around what I'm specifically trying to do with the file, but I'll wait for your detailed response.

  • Again only a very brief answer. No, WoV does not contain a pedpersonality.file. Any mod containing an old xbox version of the file (meta/xml, might work DESPITE of containing the file, because the file is simply being overridden by the ymt in update.rpf. The file is special because it has some embedded requirements other files of the same type do not have. More on that later.

  • I haven't been able to check if for a fact any new peds+personality data is added, but I know some of the DLCs on the PC/next-gen have their own pedpersonality.ymt/meta files.

    The reason I'm interested in this file is because the protagonists use the "Strong" health profile in pedhealth.meta file. Evidence of this can be found by viewing the console's pedpersonality.ymt file, and is further supported by the fact that when using scripts to set the protagonists health - you can only use values between 100 and 200 - which correlates to the fact that for the "Strong" health profile the max health is 200, and the Injured/Dying threshold value is 100, which is when peds with the "Strong" health profile die. Just like the protagonists, although the protagonists seem to have a sort of defense multiplier applied to them meaning they only take half the damage that weapons put out. Whereas NPCs take full damage, making it seem like they have "half," the amount of health that the player has, which is not the case.

    My goal is to cut the protagonists health in half. Typically they can take about twelve shots from a pistol. I want to reduce that to about six. I could try editing the "Strong" health profile, which would answer my question on whether or not the player actually uses the "Strong" health profile, or if this is only used by the NPC version of the protagonists. But the issue with editing the profile in pedhealth.meta means it would affect NPCs that use the Strong profile as well.

    My other solution is to edit it in the pedpersonality.ymt. Make a custom health profile in pedhealth.meta and change the profile used in pedpersonality.ymt to the custom one I created. Of course this is difficult because the file is not decompiled.

    Hypothetically I could use the version of the file that comes from the consoles, like I have heard of people doing. But I know that extra peds and animals were added in the PC version, so those missing from the edited version I use may cause issues.

    That's where the DLC idea comes from. Is it possible to overwrite just the three protagonists' personality data? Copy their data from the console version, edit it, and paste the "updated" data in one of the DLC's pedpersonality.ymt/meta files?

  • Okay, so you have a lot on your mind and I have some questions too. My suggestion is the following. Let's continue this exchange on Discord.

    Here is a invitation link to my server :

    [link text]https://discord.gg/8xuaZB(link url)

    Hope to see you there soon :smiley:

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