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Mods for money?

  • ** I hope that everyone takes this modding subject as serious as you possibly can. **

    Whether it's Facebook, Snap chat, Tumblr, Twitter, or any other social media website, I have been seeing individuals selling their work for financial gain. There is a certain topic that exists in this issue.

    If you made it yourself (you scratched the model yourself, textured it yourself, and everything in the scene is MADE BY YOU), I can see you selling your own work for as much as you want or depending on the worth of the item.

    HOWEVER, I have been seeing models and or other items that are scratched and modeled by other individuals being used within the scene of which the owner of that item has strictly requested not to have that item be used for financial gain and to release it under the same terms of which they had released it.

    I am not sure about you guys, but some of these models are being sold at $300-500 or even $500- $2500, and they aren't of good quality as they brag about.

    I just want to know what you guys think about all the mods that are offered for free vs. the mods that aren't high quality but require you to pay a substantial amount of money just because that mod isn't offered. ** I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT YOU THINK**

    I can understand releasing models for $50-$100, but $300? Would you buy something that expensive?


    You can report these mods on the respective platforms, usually under infringements of rights, and inform the original author so they also can take action.

  • Ohh I am aware of that. It would be under infringement of rights but there is not much reporting can do other than taking them down. It would be a lot to take someone to civil court over the infringement as well.

    Its always good to know that you can report something that isn't suppose to be. So thank you forr that.

  • @KitKat150 I would like to see those mods. Any link to see those "private" and "out of this world" high prices mods ? 😀

  • 3D modelers have bad times because of the modding, even if a modder buy a model and rig it to GTAV for example, the model can be ripped, cleaned and resold in another 3D store under the name of another author affecting the original author sales. It's the shitty part of modding that fucks the work of authors but here a lot people don't take care about that.

  • Understandable. I saw a post on my snapchat the other day about someone offering models of up to $500 for work of someone elses. It upset me because those who take their time to create models, often have their work ripped and then no more sales. I get if you do it to make money but not someone elses work.

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