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Why I love GTA V - A short essay

  • As a player of video games, I am very particular about games I will purchase. First, I need this game to have a First-Person-View option to even consider it. I need to feel like I am part of this game-space World, not feel like I am controlling a puppet. Almost as important, I need the ability to save my progress at will, not stupid check-point only saves. I won't buy a game that does not allow for saving when wanted.
    GTAV is open-World, not linearly. GTA V allows freedom to do whatever the fuck you want to at any given time, and allows for modding in a way that does not need one to know programming to get results we are after - so much can be achieved with edits to all metas, XMLs, and YMTs, and DAT files.

    I can merge mods that are similar, to bring about wanted features between two that do something similar, without breaking a feature that is wanted, while keeping other features that aren't wanted out.

    I have control over updates. I can choose to ignore updates if and when I want to.

    I can easily collaborate with other's on discord about ideas we have, and want to contribute to the modding community our ideas as a mod. Why do we have to go solo on this? I have met a good many minds about things I am interested in bringing into this game, while also learning about things other's also want to bring into the game, I might otherwise not have thought of on my own.

    I am the kind of player who never thinks about what my character looks like, cause I don't see myself in first-person, AND I am all about the action on the screen. Body parts flying around, bodies smacking into each other, ricocheting against surfaces when they hit them, slow-motion affects to accentuate all the action as it is happening, increased particle effects, watching the varied reactions of peds while all this goes on, yada, yada, yada.

    We are spoiled. We have so much going on for us in this game, and so much more potential as OpenIV becomes more sophisticated, and the modding community along with it.

    There is so much in this game we have not yet tried to do, but is available as an option. Only our creative minds can hold us back.

  • Wonderfully said! :) Sometimes I enjoy a nice ride in a muscle car around the map listening to some of my personal favorite classic rock, then there is those days where I want to take on the cops and see how long I can last, or just enjoy the story with the mods of my choosing to enhance my game. Good times! I just wish Rockstar would stop with these dumba$$ dlc's. The game is too bloated and does not run as smooth as it used too, atleast for me.

  • Funny thing is, although I like first person gameplay, both on foot and driving, on occasions I'll switch to first person view and I'm that guy who cares about the look of his character. :D

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