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Rage Plugin Hook Crashes On Startup



    This is really pissing me off now as it used to work now doesn't. Whenever i try to load RPH to play LSPDFR it crashes on the loading screen specifically when it says "loading game world". I've tried asking the RPH forum but get 0 help at all and i've noticed my game starts up on RPH when i remove dinput8.dll but obviously that's no help as the mods folder doesn't work.

    game version: 1.0.1365

    mods installed: NVR, LSPDFR, Lively World, Grand Theft Space(working version, so it isn't that), add-on's etc.

    RPH log: https://pastebin.com/dLSP3bRa

    any help would be seriously appreciated. (I'm pretty sure you use RPH @Cyron43)

  • I had this issue me to. I restart RPH 4 times and it works when I disabled the custom loading screens (I don't know if there is a link)

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