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Developer Updates requests

  • It Would be nice to see a progress bar on the mods page, So we can see what's going on and when a update might come out. also I've mean many users posting Logs, Could this become a drop down menu type thing so it doesn't take a lot of room if you don't want to read it.

  • @Buzas Sorry but that made me chuckle. When I think of how my progress bar would look with the way I work, it would be like that Microsoft copy files dialog that says "1 minute left" and is still there 20 minutes later. :)

  • I would like to see this in other better way. When the mod update was uploaded, we are getting the notification right? (on following)
    So it would be better when we click on this notification, we are going to link into a single changelog site, where we only can see the list of the changelog and if the uploader want, some pictures. These changelog should we can acess at later point under the GTA Forums thread link

  • @LeeC2202 I Understand what you mean, it doesn't have to be a bar just something that user can see about a up and coming update. I didn't even get a notification about this post LOL

    @MrGTAmodsgerman yes on following we get a notification on a new update. I like the change log idea, Would me things easier for us to see what's new. I've seen some pages of mods that have way too much to read, Before you get to the Change log. maybe a change log box (Drop down menu) under the download button?

    @administrators can we have something like this??

  • @Buzas That's the main reason I recommend people set up a WIP page. The mod release page should be purely for that, the releases. Information about its progress should be put elsewhere.

    The other thing is people won't like being tied to deadlines based on what their updates might indicate. This is all hobby level stuff and as such, things get released when it happens. I know I certainly wouldn't commit to saying "It's going to be released in X number of days", I've spent far too many years of my life creating things to deadlines, it's a very souring process.

    So in fairness, you should be asking the people who create the mods if they want this, not the administrators if we can have it. (all due respect to the administrators of course).

  • I'd like to make the changelog a required part of the upload process when you're updating your file. That would allow me to put it in a separate section of the description too, like fixed at the top as a dropdown. These changes will probably come further down the road sorry, as they are big changes for me.

  • @LeeC2202 I understand what you're saying, How ever I did add "Can we have something like this?" I just thought it was be easy for people to see what's new or up and coming without read the whole page, Drop down areas would work.
    @rappo Thank you, Things take time I know But at lest you know about this idea :)

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