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Texture errors after adding car mod

  • So I followed the instructions with the Jeep Cherokee 84 mod using Open IV, and now the jeep spawns in the game, but the tires are a solid silver, as well as the windows, the color of the car keeps changing too. Any ideas?

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    @mvp91 texture problem by the sounds of it

  • everything else runs fine, just updated a new graphics card too


    replace or addon method?
    updated version of the game?

    as mentioned above it seems the game can't find the texture dictionary (ytd file)

    you can manually check if the references in carvariations.meta and vehicles.meta are correct (same as the actual model)

  • it's the replace method, and yes an updated version from rockstar, not the steam version.


    In that case it could the OVI replaced the ytd in one x64...rpf but maybe the car model also resides in another

    You could try searching in OpenIV for the name maybe it's present in another archive too

  • yeah it's replacing the Seminole. I'll try playing around with it, maybe in the latest patchday folder? i have everything backed up

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