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OpenIV mods folder is empty

  • Hello there,

    So I was trying to install some mods and I watched a YouTube tutorial. I followed the steps shown but at one point, he opened the Mods folder in OpenIV and when I did that, it was empty. No Update folder no nothing. I've tried reinstalling the ASI Loader and the OpenIV.asi files but that didn't work. I tried reinstalling OpenIV and still nothing has changed. I've tried to do some researched but nothing really helped, so I am asking you guys in the hope that you can help me out with this.

    Kind Regards.


    If you install a mod with OpenIV's .oiv files, the needed files will be copied to the mods folder. Otherwise you have to manually copy over the needed files.

  • But how can I install a file into the mods folder if there isn't even anything in there?


    @Gameplayer0575 You need to copy over the files you want to modify.

  • @Gameplayer0575 I'm running in to the same thing, just now..trying to install an addon ped. Mods folder is empty. wth. 1stly..i need ofc..addon peds mod! but you hit a brick wall, cannot follow the install tutorials..bc..there's nothing in the Mods folder. lol.


    @tomj440 read ikt's response marked as the answer. you need to copy over the files into the mods folder manually

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    @tomj440 Install OpenIV and when you got to install a mod that uses an OIV, it will ask you where you want to have the mod run

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