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@ALL Bypass the GTA V launcher NOW!!! (Thread retired until next game update)

  • The new update is coming very soon (today if that rumor is correct). So in order to save you from trouble, backup your game (tutorials in this forum and on YouTube) and install this now! -> https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/gtavlauncherbypass . Follow the installation instructions and read the readme! Keep this until the new ScriptHookV is out.
    EDIT: The release date has now officially being confirmed to be July 24. So you still have some time left but remember to do it right in time.

  • @Cyron43 This or just turn off internet connection when playing...

  • @Marcel2015 That works for only two days. From day 3 on the launcher demands a connection or refuses to start the game (Retail version, idk whether it's the same for the Steam version)!

  • @Cyron43 ahh, ok, that's new to me. Arggh, this Rockstar guys know how to spoil the modding party.


    @Cyron43 steam version just says it can’t connect to rockstar servers for me if I use it with no internet

  • @Reacon And it refuses to start the game, right?


    @Cyron43 yep

  • @Cyron43 Great, had this shit forever, doesn't work at all now.

  • @futurestoryteller What shit? The Launcher bypass? I hope you don't doubleclick the default GTA V icon. Create a link to the GTA5.exe on your desktop and use that instead!

  • Nice thread, this is one issue I have struggled with since I started to modify GTA 5.

    Backup is a good tip, then atleast you have earlier version of the game.

    I have problems with GTAVLauncherBypass. It works for some time, then suddenly Rockstar login window pop ups when game is loading. Yeah it avoid the first launcher window and jump straight to loading game, but Rockstar login window pop up sooner or later. I dont know if it will do any updating or downloading this way, but I cant avoid rockstar login forever sadly.

    I see that there is some suggestions to go to offline mode and block GTA 5 from internet but I can't get this to work in the long run either.

    Anyone have any other working methods from stopping GTA 5 from updating indefinitely?

  • I tried one of the launcher bypass mods as well a few days ago, I have the steam version btw. I was able to get it to launch without steam even being on, but after a few seconds I get bombarded by the social club sign in BS. I tried a bunch of times but I would not work. :( It's almost like R* made it so you need thier permission to play GTAV. I for one am tired of it.

  • @xxx78 @TrustNo1 Have you created a link to the GTAV.exe and use that instead of the launcher icon? I'm playing with the launcher bypass since I created this thread and no such troubles. I can't remember having those with the last two updates either (didn't use it before).

  • @Cyron43 Yeah I created a link to GTAV.exe, and I only use that, so I never get the launcher login. But the login to Rockstar pop up when game is loading. It worked for 7-8 days then I got the rockstar login. And again it worked for around 10 days before login pop up again. One time it happened because I restarted game to change graphic settings. Also Im still testing mods and so maybe it can stop working when game crash or other things happen.

    So Im still looking for a solution before next update is coming....tick tick tick....

  • @xxx78 the social club login should still require a sign-in every now and then. I've had to do so a number of times while I was on 1180.1 (when it wasn't the latest) and have had no issues with a forced update; I simply need to sign in and then it lets me play. I have the warehouse version though so I don't know how it differs on Steam.

  • @Cyron43 @stillhere Same here, I'm still on an older version and have no problems using a shortcut to GTAV.exe and bypass launcher but I'm using the retail version too, and every now and again Social Club wants me to login but it doesn't update the game so it's gotta be the way the game is loaded through Steam.

  • @krissboo @stillhere aha good to know, even when you get the login after game have started the game dont update...nice...then it will work. thanks guys. I have retail version also, trying to use steam as little as possible.

  • @xxx78 I suppose you could also block PlayGTAV.exe and GTAVLauncher.exe in the firewall but some people have reported that doesn't stop it from updating :confused: ???
    But yeah social club login is separate to the game updating so you should be good.

  • @Cyron43
    Yeah I did not use the launcher.exe, but It might be a different mod than the one you linked to in your first post. I will try the one you linked to since it looks like a different bypass mod and maybe I will have some luck! Thank you! :)

  • @Cyron43
    Well in the readme for the bypass mod it says I have to adjust the command line for steam users? Do you know what I should do? Never had to do that before on steam.

  • @TrustNo1 I have the retail version of GTA V, so I don't know but I'm sure someone else can help you with this. :slight_smile:

  • @Cyron43
    No worries, appreciate the help anyways! I had the retail version as well, but when I went to re-install my game, the installer always timed out and had an error. So when it finally finished, my game was a screwed up mess. I couldn't take it anymore so I bought a steam version. Hopefully someone will help me with the command line I need to do for steam!

  • @TrustNo1 Just out of curiosity, does Google yield no results?

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