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Gun model is not rotating in game

  • So I created a replacement mod for the fire extinguisher, got the model in game and all, though it doesn't have textures. Even though in zmodeler I aligned the model perfectly so I could reuse the old animations, in game the model still isn't aligned how it was in zmodeler. I then did some calculations and rotated it in zmodeler to correct it so that in game it should work as planned, yet the model still doesn't rotate, however I can move its position relative to the player. Any thoughts?



    Edit: I found some models from another game online and imported them into the game the same way I did with my model. I'm still having the same issue: https://i.imgur.com/MAK8ku8.png
    I read something somewhere about having to import the default model and your custom model into 3dsmax and attaching them together and then deleting the original. Could someone send me a link to how to do that or give me a rundown? Thinking this might be the issue!

  • @Reacon what do you think?


    @de_verett not a clue sorry

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