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Black Hawk Down - Aircraft of Operation Gothic Serpent

  • Decided to dig out a project I had long abandoned... But seeing that the 25th anniversary is coming up, I decided to continue work on it.

    I am talking about the MH-60L Black Hawks and perhaps the AH-6 Little Bird used during "Operation Gothic Serpent" in Mogadishu 1993. If you're not aware of any of these names, it's the battle portrayed in the movie "Black Hawk Down".

    So what exactly is the goal here?
    Represent the individual Black Hawks with the proper equipment used during the mission and try to display the different bird with their real life markings as close as possible. The Black Hawks used the callsign Super Six-X (X stands for a number from 1 - 8 ).
    During the mission, Super Six-1 Thunderstruck and Super Six-4 Venom were shot down. Super Six-2 Black Widow was hit by an RPG, tearing off most of its right side gunner station and blowing off the gunner's leg in the process.

    The plan is to make a basic mission Black Hawk as base model, since the aircraft were more less identical. The specific equipment and markings will probably be added as tuning parts to save file size and have all helicopters in one file so to say.

    Plan is to recreate at least (Aircraft model, serial number, name given by crew, callsign)
    MH-60L 91-26324 "Thunderstruck" Super 61
    MH-60A 83-23882 "Black Widow" Super 62
    MH-60L 89-26188 "Venom" Super 64

    Those were the most prominent aircraft so to say... With 61 and 64 being shot down and 62 inserting troops to cover survivors of 64 and later being badly struck as well.

    Option for other aircraft:
    MH-60L 90-26257 "Grim Reaper" Super 63
    MH-60A 83-23887 "Heavy Metal" Super 65
    MH-60L 91-26363 "Gun Slinger" Super 66
    MH-60A 83-23924 "Texas Express" Super 67
    MH-60L 90-26288 "Razors Edge" Super 68

    68 was also hit by an RPG and had to return to base, but it wasn't hit has badly as 62.

    As for the Little Bird: They are pretty generic. All I'd do there is use the original serial numbers of the aircraft used, but I am not sure about that yet.

    All Black Hawks will be based on my MH-60L mod. None of them has doors or the aerial refueling probe. Equipments like radar or FLIR will vary, as well as the interior layout. Some helis are quipped for fast roping with less seats, others have the seats mounted like in the picture below. All of them are armed with 2 crew operated M134 gatling guns.
    In addition to model specific changes, I will also enhance materials and the model itself for a more realistic look. They will also get a custom seat layout.

    WIP picture of Super 61 "Thunderstruck"

    alt text

  • @SkylineGTRFreak if u want helping, i ll be here soon :),U re project is very cool.

    Just question, do u think it s possible to put 8 "peds" on ur helicopter black hawk down?(pilot + copilot, 2 gunner and 4 passagers)
    A long time ago, on mh60L, i tried it but didn't work :( (1 bug with pilot and copilot, teleportation very far on the map, i found one thing to fix it, open the front door)

  • That would be very awesome! I can send you info and pictures I found about all different aircraft! :D

    Right now I am working on more details for the cabin. I already made the ceiling 3d instead of a flat surface. But it needs textures urgently :/

    I also made the internal fuel tanks which some helis had instead of crew seats

    old (flat) ceiling with texture
    alt text

    new ceiling:
    alt text

    internal fuel tanks:
    alt text

    Also yes, I hope that I can get 8 or more passengers to work. My plan was to have:

    Left and Right gunner
    4 rear seats inside cabin
    2-4 sitting on the edge of the cabin door

  • @SkylineGTRFreak about textures skins, even if u have a blurry texture, it s not a problem, just it take more times. It s possible to find it in the movie??
    Can u check the picture or to add information about helicopter (number, texture on the front,...)

    alt text

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Oh man, I know this is a very old topic, but I do wish to see this one..... It is so sad that it has been suspended forever.

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