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Natural vision remastered doesnt look right

  • So i installed natural vision remastered and set brightness as it told me to 50% at least i think its at 50% cuz the game doesnt give you the percentage just a bar but it looks no where near like the screenshots and videos ive seen. Mines look darker like really dark shadows. And stupidly dark nights like you legit cant see anything it makes playing at night frustrating So basically can anyone help me set up nvr to get it to look like how it should, like i know it comes with optional settings but i dont know wich ones i should use and also i have visual iv installed too so 2 visual mods visual iv and nvr incase if you know if they mix up and i aint a noob at modding so hit me with your knowledge i aint afraid to go digging in scripts and files esketit
    - 70Niqqa

  • @70Niqqa use brighter nights

  • @Reacon awesome makes the nights much better thanks any ideas for the dark shadows? Or is that how it is?

  • @70Niqqa check advanced graphics settings I know there’s something to do with shadows there

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