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Need help figure out what is causing low fps

  • Hello, so i've got GTA V running a few mods, and at some point, I don't remember which mods were already installed, I was running this game fine with 40 fps on a fx8320+GTX970.

    Now I've got a GTX1080, a few mods, and the game runs at a constant 12fps.

    What is funny is that it runs those low fps regardless of the game resolution, I can switch between 720p, 1080p, 1440p and 2160p with only 1-5 fps of difference.

    Here is a list of mods installed:

    scripts dlls:
    -advanced fuel mod
    -animated wipers
    -Bennys original motorworks
    -better chases
    -Enhanced melee combat
    -Gunshot wound
    -INM native UI
    -Pause Menu ? Came with something else
    -PDMCD4 ?
    -ScriptManager (pause menu probably comes with this one)
    -SharpDX don't know why it's there
    -Sitting mod
    -Tornado Script

    Asis :

    Aside from that, I installed a few replacement cars, ten-ish addon cars, World of Variety, Dispatch of variety, and Fine Tuned Felony Response

    If anyone knows of a conflict, or could halp me figure out which of these are the most impacting fps, I'll be very grateful



    start with a clean game (temporarily move asi and dll script to a temp folder), what's your FPS then?
    slowly start adding scripts back in, starting with the ones you'd need the most

    any idea which scripts are OnTick? Those usually have a big impact

  • @ReNNie what's ontick ?

    aside from that I'll do some testing as you suggest. So far, all asi files have no impact whatsoever. Only scripts seem to cause fps drops.


    OnTick in my layman thinking is sorta realtime. It's when a script almost continously checks for a variable it uses. But script wizards will probably laugh now :dagger:

    I run a GTX970 with a ton of scripts (and NVR + ReShade) and get around 40FPS so yeah, that's V

  • Enhanced Melee Combat. I've had serious FPS drops due to that mod. As much as I love jedijosh920, this is one mod I don't like due to the performance impact.

    It could also be Tornado, for fairly obvious reasons. :)

    Hope this helped!

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