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US Coast Guard skin for "cargobob2"

  • I think a Coast Guard skin is a improvement to the jetsam cargobob and I suggest to ad rappel support, maybe a Cargobob Mapped.

  • Actually I would love this as well! Maybe even a coast guard livery for the predator police boat too!

  • @TrustNo1 I believe the police predator already have a Coast Guard livery mod in this website.

  • The problem with that is the way the cargobob is textured! Its not like other skins where you can individually texture each part of the vehicle, with the cargo bob there is just a sqaure with camo which is essentially pasted all of the vehicle and a texture for the text that is on the exterior.

    The other textures are for the interior which consists of the hold,gauges, ETC

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