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[WIP] working fire hose w/ physics

  • Currently modeling and scripting a fire hose that will be able to be attached to a fire engine and then can be used to spray fires. I plan to use the games rope function and replace the rope model with a fire hose and then create a script so you can attach the "assault fire nozzle" to the hose, which runs to the truck. I'm almost entirely done with the nozzle and hose, except I'm having an issue with the weapon model, and I've had this issue with all of my other weapon models I've made, where the model is rotated incorrectly in game. I've lined it up in zmodeler and 3ds but to no avail. Picture of what I'm talking about on another model: https://i.imgur.com/MAK8ku8.png

    if anyone knows what's going on please tell me, just started modeling and I've pretty much been teaching myself by fiddling around with stuff! Hopefully if I can figure this out the whole thing should be done in a week or so.


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