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Police Cars Keep Spawning Without Drivers (DispatchGhostFix Didn't Work)

  • I tried modifying dispatch.meta to change what police vehicles spawn. All vehicles that normally chase you down have no drivers in them, and the only things that seem to work correctly are roadblocks, and police helicopters. All I did was swap out Interceptor for the Kamacho, the Sheriff Staniers for the Dune FAV, the Police Maverick for the Buzzard, and swapped out every cop and SWAT model with a modified version of S_F_Y_COP_01 to give the appearance that everyone is a clone like in Doomsday Heist. I'm using no add-on vehicles or peds, and the S_F_Y_COP_01 model was swapped with an epsilon cultist model straight out of the game.

    I have looked far and wide for a solution. I tried DispatchGhostFix and carefully followed the instructions. Didn't work even if I had 10 instances of the script running at once. No matter what, the pursuit vehicles refused to spawn with a driver. I searched google and these forums. The only relevant results either had no answers and one guy giving up. I only found one person who got it working and their grammar was unreadable. I refuse to give up on this.

  • Did you, by any chance, use "Decreased ped population" parameter either in Menyoo or by other means?

    This is what caused empty cars spawn when I tried to play community races.

  • Nope. Haven't messed with any of those things.

  • This is especially strange since I've seen far more complex dispatch configurations that work. Hell, a few months ago I replaced all of the law enforcement vehicles with Brickades and it still worked. Don't know why it's different now

  • At this point, the only thing I can think of is that it'll only accept vehicles with police sirens. I just replaced every vehicle with the Police Transporter, and the Sheriff Stanier. This has been the only combination that has worked.

    EDIT: Firetruck, RCV, and Riot refuse to spawn even though they have police sirens.


    @Reese's-Parkinson's said in Police Cars Keep Spawning Without Drivers (DispatchGhostFix Didn't Work):

    only thing I can think of is that it'll only accept vehicles with police sirens.

    what do you mean only accept vehicles with police sirens? what vehicles are you trying to add?

  • @Reacon Originally I tried adding the Kamacho and the Dune FAV. Since those didn't work, I tried experimenting with different vehicles. The only vehicles that the game would accept had working lightbars and sirens.

  • @Reese's-Parkinson's Well, if it were me, I would start finding other files that reference what model will be assigned to drive such vehicles. snaps finger vehicles.meta comes to mind!

  • @Reese's-Parkinson's Im not a modder or anything but this is something i can speak on. Police cars will spawn if the dispatch.meta is overloaded with tasks it cant handle. For example, Police cars spawn but no driver, somewhere in the dispatch.meta file there is too many cars being spawned or too little peds. if you cant figure it would reply to me and ill be glad to help you :)

  • @Sulrix I'm having the same problem. So are you saying there are too many cars added to the dispatch.meta? Because I added quite a few from Dispatchworks and IVpack. The empty police cars I've seen were just spawning in traffic, not chasing me. The ones chasing me had drivers. All I did was add the model names into popgroups.ymt and dispatch.meta. Is there something else I missed?

  • A while ago I did some experimenting and discovered that it was only declining vehicles that had certain handling flags like "FLAG_HAS_INCREASED_RAMMING_FORCE". I haven't experimented with anything other than that one and the different ramming flags introduced in Import/Export, though.

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