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Game laggy when approaching or inside interiors

  • So here's my problem that has been happening ever since I installed GTA V on my PC. Whenever I start my game and load up as Michael or Trevor or Franklin when he was with his aunt Denise's house, my game ran and still runs horribly. When I'm out driving or having a shootout with the cops the game runs at 45-70 FPS at very high settings. When I'm inside an interior the FPS drops dramatically as I approach and stops at 23 FPS. Unplayable to me and the only interior that is exempt from this issue is Franklin's house in the hills. Every other interior runs at 23 FPS. I have tried lowering the graphics settings to low and work my way up to very high to see if the fixes the issue but no luck. Interiors are still stuck at 23 FPS. I thought it was my mods so I removed my mods folder and the game still ran the same at 23 FPS inside anywhere. The only time this issue was fixed by Rockstar themselves was with the doomsday heist update but during that update they updated social club and the issue returned. The game was not updated only the social club to start the game. I run GTA V with no launcher now to prevent any updates. I tried to change settings in my Nvidia control panel but no luck at all. Do you have any ideas or any ways to solve this issue? I don't know if anyone else is having this issue and after this current update my game in the city runs at about 40-45 FPS when it used to run 50-60 FPS at very high settings.
    My rig in case;
    AMD FX 8350
    8 gb ram
    Windows 10
    GTX 1050ti SC
    Game runs at 1920 x 1080p


    @Algonquin1234 rename mods folder to "_mods" and try again

  • Does not work still runs at 23 FPS inside houses or buildings.


    @Algonquin1234 what scripts do you have

  • NativeIU.dll, SittingMod.dll, Stopreversingwhilebraking.dll, Vehiclelightsalwayson.cs, and Weather Forecast.dll. Just those 5. I used to have 8 but 3 were useless and didn't see a performance boost at all when I removed them.


    try removing scripts folder and try again

  • Did not work I loaded up in Michael's house with 23 FPS still inside his house.


    @Algonquin1234 hmmm only things that spring to mind is purge settings.xml and redo it from scratch (make a backup) and/or remove your savegames (first backup the entire folder)

  • I've tried to reinstall the game to see if that fixes it but no luck. As soon as I entered Simeon's Dealership and Franklin's Aunt Denise house the FPS went to 23 again. 25-32 FPS when I'm outside the house but near it. I don't understand why this happens. My PC can run GTA V. Why would I have this issue.

  • try deleting the settings.xml.
    maybe the file itself is broken somehow


    As I already suggested above

    I'm unsure if reinstalling the game even overwrites your savegames and settings.xml

  • Could you tell me the path to reach this file? Where is it located? What does this delete exactly?



    Documents\Rockstar Games\GTA V

    Depends on your system settings where your docs folder is, but just hit the "My Documents" shortcut.

  • Removing the settings.xml did not help at all the issue is still there. Loaded up as Michael 23 FPS at his house.



    Dammit, was hoping resetting the settings.xml might work for you

    So you're on a clean game, no mods, no scripts ect right, during these tests right?

    Have you also tried removing the savegames and use one from the modspages as a test?


    close all programs running in the background

  • @ReNNie Yes I put them on my desktop until I can find a fix for this. I'm thinking that there might be something wrong with Rockstar's updates because as I mentioned only the doomsday heist update ended up fixing this. Rockstar might've optimized or fixed the issue but came back in this update. Hopefully it will be fixed in the nightclub update on Tuesday. Any other possible fixes that I could try to fix this issue? I moved my savegames to the desktop but the issue is still there.


    @Algonquin1234 No other than a physical fix involving a window and a short flight, no

  • @Algonquin1234 Just gonna throw this one in here as a suggestion :)
    Go to your settings.xml file and find this line <DX_Version value="2" />

    change the value to 0 or 1 and try playing your game again.

  • @krissboo Doesn't work. I'm guessing I have to wait till tomorrow to see if Rockstar fix that Issue since I did send them a ticket for my problem.

  • @Algonquin1234 no worries. Always worth trying everything you can but good luck with rockstar.

  • @Algonquin1234 It's not even a real issue at all. The issue, really, should happen when you are outside, not inside. Inside, the only thing that has to load is the interior itself. But why would anyone need a lot of FPS in any interior? You cannot even run when inside an interior. As long as your FPS is at a playable rate (20 FPS and above) it really is just a non-issue.

  • @eshenk Even when I'm outside the interior or near it the FPS is dramatically bad. It goes from near 60 to 28 when I'm near it. Try doing the Bureau Raid when its going 23 FPS when the building is on fire and it dips to 18 FPS when having a shootout with the FIB agents inside. I still haven't updated the game until scripthook is updated and so is trainer so I don't know if this new update fixes the issue but hopefully it does.

  • @Algonquin1234 Well....I would highly suggest you ensure you do NOT have your graphic card settings trying to do the same thing you have set in your in-game settings. Make sure your card isn't doing anisotropic filter if you also have that set in your in-game settings. Usually, in most games, you want your card to do anything that can also be done by the game. Compare what you have set in both, and make sure either the card only or the game settings are performing a particular feature. Also turn off vsync.

  • @eshenk I do have the same settings that are in the control panel the same as in game and of course I have vsync off. I hate vsync. I used to run the game with the geforce optimization tool but I got more FPS with advance graphics settings all off. One thing I should also mention is that this also applies to the buildings that are in construction as well. Where you start the mission I fought the law you start it in a building that is being constructed. That area alone of even looking at it puts my fps from 45-60 to 35 FPS. This applies to all buildings in Los Santos that are under construction. All of Eclipse Boulevard has low FPS as well. The lowest it went was 26 FPS. Everywhere else it runs fine except interiors, Construction buildings and that entire street.

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