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replacing in-game content with modded clothes, weapons and vehicles

  • hi there i have a few questions

    1. is there a vehicle i can replace Trevor's Bodhi and Franklin's Buffalo S?
    2. how do i change the name of clothing, weapons and vehicles to the name of modded ones. for example can i rename Highway Patrol to LSPD outfit, as i'm going to replace that with an LSPD uniform?
    3. is it possible to replace a vehicle instead of the one it says in the readme?
      thanks very much :)

  • anyone???

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    @OneLegendaryGamer You can change any vehicle by naming it the same thing you are replacing. You just need to make sure you also copy and paste the handling info for said vehicle from handling.meta, and also the same for vehicles.meta.

    Your clothing question was nothing I understood. If you try to replace an outfit that was not intended to be replaced, than you may end up with undesirable effects in-game. It doesn't hurt to try, and if it fails, just put back the originals.

  • @eshenk hi there thanks for replying back, what i meant was, for e.g i was going to replace the highway patrol outfit with a similar outfit and would it be possible to rename outfit to something like e.g LSPD Uniform or Sheriff Outfit.
    where would i find handling.meta, vehicles.meta?

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    @OneLegendaryGamer No, and it's immaterial what these clothes are named - it's not like you can see what you named it in the game. You must name it the same thing as what R* named it. Now I don't do clothing or ped mods, so I don't know if this is actually true or not, but I think some clothing accessories are add-ons. If it's an add-on, then it means it is additional clothing beyond the defaults. If it clearly does not state add-on, then it simply replaces something else the mod author used to make his mod. You cannot take the named piece of clothing and decide you want to replace something different by renaming it, without expecting graphical glitches UNLESS you can compare the two, and feel confident it should work....i.e., a pair of jeans or say a tank top.

    You need to learn how to use the search function in openIV - tools/search - and if more than one entry is found you always choose what is found from the latest DLC, so if it is a vehicle you searched, and it finds said vehicle in x64e/levels/gta5/vehicles and another in say patchday3/yada/yada, you replace the one found in the patchday archive. Vehicles.meta is in update/update/common/data/levels/gta5 - you right-click the file, and use the search function to find your vehicle, making sure to get all of the info for it enclosed in the opening and ending tags. handling.meta is in update/update/common/data, and if it is for a vehicle that is part of a DLC, that same directory structure will follow inside of it's respective DLC folder.

  • @eshenk oh right i wasn't sure, thanks.
    is there any vehicle i can replace Trevor's Bodhi or can i replace it with any vehicle as long as it's a off-road as that's the class the Bodhi is?

  • @OneLegendaryGamer doesn’t matter what class it is. As long as you do what @eshenk said and make sure the Bodhi uses the handling and vehicles.meta entries for the vehicle you’re replacing it with. For example, if you were replacing it with a jester, make sure the vehicle files are named the same as the bodhi’s, and then make sure the bodhi uses the handling and vehicles.meta that the jester would use(copy and paste the entries in between the <Item> and </Item> for the vehicle)

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    @OneLegendaryGamer One more thing, do NOT replace a protagonist vehicle until you are done with story-mode. It will break missions, making it impossible to complete them. It's fine to replace any other vehicle unless it is one used in a mission during story-mode. Change the protagonist vehicles once story-mode is complete. I changed Trevor's Bodhi to a 1980 Ford Bronco, and changed Franklin's bagger to a Harley for example.

  • can i replace Franklin's Buffalo S with any sports or muscle car
    e.g Chevrolet Camaro, Subaru Impreza WRX STI, Dodge Challenger/Dodge Charger?

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