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Three meta guides (Vehicles.meta, Carvariations.meta, Carcols.meta)

  • Hello GTA5-Mods community.

    These are guides that i created about the meta data files of Vehicles, Carvariations and Carcols meta. Please do not copy the guide, just follow it for information.

    If you would like to include some information about any of the metas. Please comment in this topic.



    Carcols.meta. (This guide also includes a diagram containing the delta rotations.)

  • Regarding variations, the indices are color codes which are available online in a big handy jpg image.

    Each line colors a separate part of the vehicle. I believe the first is car's primary color, and the third line is the rim color.. from what I can ascertain. Could be wrong.

    What do the liveries = true/false control or affect?

  • Update will be great! how i add a car to this 3 files?

  • Is there a way to add the indicators to the carcols, like the headlights and tailights?

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