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Certain Car Mods Causing Game to Crash

  • I've been modding for a while, I have nearly 40 car mods in my game. All of them have been previously confirmed as working. However, I was trying to spawn some of the earlier ones today, and some of them cause the game to crash when I try to spawn them. This doesn't happen with all cars. Does anyone know why? Any solutions? I want to say that they are all vansmods, which I've had trouble in the past with, so that could be potentially why.

  • not the answer you want, but I guarantee it's something you"ve done wrong. and asking here, unfortunately, isn't going to help. as nobody aside from you knows what you did wrong.

  • @8541ss That's why I mentioned Vansmods. His car mods all go in the same dlcpack, and that can make things complicated. I thought someone may have had the same issue. Regardless, I'll have to dig into my own files.

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