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Blimp with Multiple Lore Friendly Liveries!

  • Don't you guys get tired of seeing the same Atomic Blimp flying around?? Well, I had an Idea. If I could do this myself I would, but I think fellow GTAV players would like this. A blimp mod that adds I dont know maybe 5-6 liveries on top of the Atomic tire livery? So evey day you get to see a lore friendly different skinned blimp floating above LS.

    • Atomic skin(stock)
    • Vapid skin
    • Bravado skin
    • Sprunk skin
    • Pisswasser skin
    • LS Customs skin
    • RON Oil Skin
    • Ammunation skin

    Thats all I can think of at the moment but I think it would be awesome if someone could make this. All the blimp skins I found were mostly just real life brands which I don't like. What do you guys think??


    @WildBrick142 @AlexanderLB you know we needz it!

  • @TrustNo1 @ReNNie No longer needed, the After Hours update already added it! HAHAHAHA

  • @AlexanderLB
    Yeah blimp3, I saw the new vehicles in OpenIV. I didn't see any liveries for it either. Plus I prefer just adding more lore friendly liveries to the atomic blimp so I can see it flying around LS instead. I hate flying the blimp myself, its boring.

  • @TrustNo1 The blimp3 liveries are set as tuning, so they are stored somewhere else. As it is already done, it would be easier and faster to make it spawnable together with the XERO and Atomic variants than to remap the original model and redo the textures.

    I just checked it, blimp3 is mapped differently than 1 and 2 and it has 20 liveries: Sprunk Xtreme, Chepalle, Pisswasser, eCola, Burger Shot, Redwood and Jackal, the others are related to the nightclubs and DJs.


    @AlexanderLB even just set it to spawn instead of the og blimp to make ya game look better

  • @AlexanderLB

    Wow, okay thats alot of liveries. I wish there was an easier way to make blimp3 appear with these liveries on its own. Hmm..I will have to check it out more when I update my game, I still am on the previous title update. So if I put blimp3 in the vehiclemodelsets.meta file it would just show up all white correct? Since the liveries are "tuning" options pretty much like all the recent online aircraft added. There must be a way to do this for it to spawn with the brand liveries like sprunk, ecola, redwood etc(not the DJ crap).

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