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[C#][RAGE] How to take money from player?

  • I'm working on a mod where cars consume fuel and where cars can be refueled on gas stations. My problem is I don't know how to make the player pay for refueling. It's boring to get the fuel for free.
    Does anybody know the function or method in C# to take money from the player?

  • This post is deleted!

  • You can use GTA.Player.Money to set or get how much money does the player have, so for example if you want to sell the player something for $40 you'd do: GTA.Player.Money - GTA.Player.Money(40);

  • @Miawwe Thank you for replying. I already tried Game.LocalPlayer.Character.Money but it doesn't work. When I use the Game.DisplayNotification the Money Value shows me 0 although my character has over 700k for example.
    GTA.Player.Money - GTA.Player.Money(40); doesn't work either. Can it be that this works just in C++? I'm using C# and the ..Character.Money value seems to be useless.

  • @Magu Try these natives, I could confirm that these work without any problem.

    SET_PED_MONEY = This sets the money you wish to have with Ped
    GET_PED_MONEY = This gets the money what ped has.

    Here an Usage/Example :

    let's say I want to charge the player $50 for something.
    Simple function would do the trick.

    private void MoneyFuntion()
                Ped Player = GTA.Game.Player.Character;
                int PlayerMoney = Function.Call<int>(Hash.GET_PED_MONEY, Player);
                if (PlayerMoney >= 100)
                    Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_MONEY, Player, (PlayerMoney -= 50));
                    UI.Notify("You have been charged with $50")

  • I tried your code but what do I need to make it run? I fit the code a little bit to make the compiler accept it.
    There still is one thing the compiler is moaning about: "Hash.SET_PED_MONEY".
    I guess a using-directive is missing or something else.

    public void moneyFunction (){

        if (Game.IsKeyDown(Keys.Left)) {
                Ped player = Game.LocalPlayer.Character;
                int PlayerMoney = NativeFunction.Natives.CallByHash<int>(**Hash**.GET_PED_MONEY, player);
                NativeFunction.Natives.Call(**Hash**.Natives.SET_PED_MONEY, player, (PlayerMoney -= 50));
                Game.DisplayNotification("You have been charged with $50");

    Do you have any idea what is wrong?

  • @Magu He showed you the Script Hook V .NET equivalent, which still wouldn't work as the player's money isn't stored in the PED_MONEY - it's stored in a STAT.

    I would think RPH would know to set the player's money (I'm not familiar with the API), but if it can't then you'll have to convert this code to RPH: https://github.com/crosire/scripthookvdotnet/blob/421a83571afa7934f9d8f8ec3592c9b327f99ea6/source/scripting/World/Player.cs#L77

    This is what you would convert the native function calls to using RPH: http://docs.ragepluginhook.net/?topic=html/T_Rage_Native_DynamicNativeFunction.htm

  • @Jitnaught I searched in Native DB and found these methods about STAT:

    BOOL STAT_GET_INT(Hash statHash, int *outValue, int p2)
    BOOL STAT_SET_INT(Hash statName, int value, BOOL save)

    That example below is just to get the cash value. I'll try to set the value after the get method works:

    public void moneyfunction (){

        if (Game.IsKeyDown(Keys.Left)) {
                int* val;
                Hash hash = NativeFunction.Natives.GET_HASH_KEY("SP0_TOTAL_CASH");
                NativeFunction.Natives.STAT_GET_INT(hash, &val, -1);
                Game.DisplayNotification("Money: " + &val);

    Something is wrong with the second parameter (int* val) . It seems to be a pointer but I have no idea how to handle pointers. The compiler doesn't accept that syntax I tried :pensive:
    I think that's the last missing puzzle piece

  • @Magu

    int* val;

    This needs to be.

    int val;

    &val means you are storing the value by reference into a normal variable not a variable pointer.

  • @Dreamlncode The method "BOOL STAT_GET_INT(Hash statHash, int *outValue, int p2)" expects an "int *outValue". What is the *outValue?

  • @Magu When you use & on a variable it turns the variable into a pointer (a variable that references another variable). So if you had an int variable and used & on it it would return an int*, which is what the native function is looking for.
    Your code should look very similar to the SHVDN code I posted above, namely int* val should be int val and you need to surround your unsafe code (&val) with unsafe { }
    If that still doesn't work, it may be because RPH doesn't support pointers (again, I'm not familiar with the API), and you might have to use a NativeArgument instead http://docs.ragepluginhook.net/?topic=html/M_Rage_Native_NativeArgument__ctor_10.htm

  • @Jitnaught Unfortunately I don't know how to use NativeArgument. I hope someone in the forums has an idea.

  • After hours of experimenting the code finally works :sweat_smile:
    The problem was the hash value. It was always empty so I put the hash value directly as a argument.

    For those who want to know how to add cash to the player, here's an example:

    public void moneyfunction ( ){

        if (Game.IsKeyDown(Keys.Left)) {
                NativePointer nativePointer = new NativePointer();
                int money = 0;
                NativeFunction.Natives.STAT_GET_INT(0x324C31D, nativePointer, -1);            // SP0_TATAL_CASH = 0x324C31D Michael's Cash
                nativePointer.SetValue(nativePointer.GetValue<int>() + 2000);                         // Cash value + 2000
                NativeFunction.Natives.STAT_SET_INT<int>(0x324C31D, nativePointer.GetValue<int>(), -1);      // Add 2000$


    I know this code needs to be optimized but it will do for now ;)

    Thank you very much for your help, without your help I would never find it out !!! !!!

  • @Magu i know its been 2 years but im tryna add money to a player the same way as you and was wondering if you figured out a way to add it to the character the player is currently using and not only michael

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