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Need help to change wanted level for ped kills to 3 stars

  • Hi

    When killing a ped in vanilla game I normally get one star. I like to increase it so I get 3 stars killing peds, the same as killing any cop.
    Anyone have any idea how I can change this?

    Thanks for any help.
    Have fun :)


    @xxx78 take a long and dedicated look into dispatch.meta and how it's set up

    I managed to change the stars at which roadblocks and the second heli comes into play

    although I doubt via said file you can easily change solely the stars you get for killing a ped?

  • @ReNNie Yeah I have also changed what kind of response I get at the different stars and that's is in dispatch.meta.
    But I can't find anything related to the effect certain crimes have. In http://gta.wikia.com/wiki/Wanted_Level_in_GTA_V there is info about what wanted level each crime give, and I guess there is some settings somewhere that define this, but where that is I have no clue.

    I have been looking through several mods related to police and crimes but no clue so far.
    Would be great if someone knows where the different crimes wanted level settings is.


    @xxx78 RDE relied heavily on scripted changes so probably not much luck searching there. We could try pinging @11john11 or @Eddlm ?

  • @ReNNie I will look through more mods to see if anyone touch crimes related to wanted level. If Im not successful I will take your tip and contact someone that may knows.
    This will probably take some time since Im working with testing many mods.

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