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Problems texturing model

  • So I made a model and I have two textures that I wish to use for it. I followed a tutorial and got the textures looking fine in zmodeler, but when i export and then put into openiv they don't have textures, even after I replace all the files in the .ytd with my texture files that I previously used. I'm still very confused on how to map it out and let the model know what texture is what and where everything goes.

    Here is a picture of my zmodeler window with all the necessary information: https://imgur.com/a/SsJqk80

    I got textures working on another model I made, however, that model was one I found online and seemed to come with all of the textures preconfigured. This time I completely started from scratch, both the textures and model are mine.

  • @de_verett Well....did you create a uv-map for it? That is what define's it's dimensions and other properties the game would need to apply said texture/s.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @eshenk I watched and looked at several tutorials and followed them for my model, but I couldn't manage to create a uv template that I can use to create textures. All I was able to do was just create weird dimensions and stretched versions of the material I was using for that part of the model. I'm more confused on how I can't get any texture at all to even work in game. For example, if I put the color red as the texture in the .ytd it still isn't textured in game....

  • @de_verett This would be a good time to join the discord channel for this site then, if you aren't already a member - they have people over there with the skills to help you.

  • @eshenk Alright I joined. Didn't even know there was a discord, thanks!

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