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Script Hook V (July of 2018) wont allow GTA 5 game to load after recent game update

  • Hello, I am new to modding gta 5 with LCPDFR mods. GTA5 just updated their game to allow the night club add on. As a result, I was directed to download the newest version of Rage Hook to play the game. I downloaded the newest version and now I am getting an error code from Script Hook V basically stating that it is unable to allow the game to load because a newer version of the game exists. I try to download a new version of Script Hook V and all that they have is the March 2018 update. So my question is, how do I play lcpdfr on the game or do I have to wait for an update from Script Hook V? Thanks.

  • @BlitzBaconBitz12 Yes you have to wait

  • im glad im not the only one thats new and having this issue and is lost.... i just got everything set up too..... havent played more than an hour

  • @BlitzBaconBitz12 It's too late. You allowed the game to update without making back-ups of the files an update overwrites. Now you have to wait....what cuould be between a week or two for rage plugin and scripthookv to update.


    A topic already exists for this.

    tl;dr: Wait for AB to update.
    RPH was updated today for b1493.

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