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Front windshield tint

  • Anyone have a feeling when you drive a car in First Person and with the tint window(Lets say just tint alittle light gray) and all side gray/dark but so much clear at front ???, I heard about people said (Cant see a damn thing....) or (Tint front window is not allow in some country) but is it not so hard to see "a damn thing" in light gray window??? even a dark window (I know my eyes still good)

    • Can you guys show me where to edit/mod the colour of tint window in any.dat?, or simple modifle a small thing on your knowledge??
    • Am just trying to feel some driving style on my own, can you help??

  • tinting the front window is not legal in the most countries. thats why its not tintable in the game

  • @Gta5KoRn but atleast the front window alittle tint, in game look it so clear just like have nothing... made me feel my car didnt have a windshield

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