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How to auto spawn large boats and helicopters

  • Hello,

    I have a few questions regarding addon and dlc vehicle auto spawning (in sp):

    1. How can large boats (aircraft carriers) auto spawn at sea and not near the shore?
      I did an experiment and replaced a boat, and a giant aircraft carrier spawned in the docks. Even if I replace the Tropic (which does not spawn at the docks, i believe) it is still too close to the shore.

    2. There are lots of unused helipads (excluding appartments). How can helicopters spawn there (with or without a pilot)?
      If they can be spawned with a pilot, how can a route be created (like the helicopter that spawns on top of the Maze Bank, or the lifeguard helicopter)?

    3. How can addon police cars spawn at the police station parking lots? I know they can be added to appear during pursuits, but does that mean they will also spawn parked?

    4. What does <Name>NO_SMOKING_VEHICLES</Name> mean?



    @Haynoob you'll need to edit ymaps

  • @Reacon For which point?


    @Haynoob helipads, police stations

  • I will try, butt what about the other ones?


    @Haynoob not sure

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