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[SCRIPT] Bullet Impact Player Euphoria fix/update/remake

  • I found and bumped on a topic requesting for this too, but it's in the wrong section so I made one here.

    @jedijosh920 created this mod but he hasn't been updating/fixing it anymore. I love this mod so bad. The game is so much better and challenging when it's fair.

    The one and only bug that killed this mod is that it cancels ragdolls caused by other things aside bullet impact (like when falling, being hit by a car, etc.). That's it. I was wondering if any one of you can fix/update/remake this mod.

    There's the Injured Ragdoll Enhanced Mod, but the Bullet Impact Player Euphoria mod has way better reactions and animations.

    Someone please revive the mod, or lead me to a solution, if one has ever already been given. Please everyone. I hope the mod creator @jedijosh920 will also read this and update this himself. :(

    //edit ReN : you'll have better luck using tags @

  • up! :(
    @jedijosh920 doesn't look like he wants to update the mod anymore. :(

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